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Dr Carolyn O'Fallon has a Masters in Resource Management (Simon Fraser University, Canada) and a Ph.D in public policy (Lincoln University, NZ). Since 1993, she has worked in the New Zealand transport sector as a researcher and policy advisor, in the first instance for the Ministry of Transport and latterly as an independent advisor (Pinnacle Research & Policy Ltd) specialising in public policy development and research, particularly in the land transport area. Her client list includes:

  • New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Auckland Regional Transport Authority
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
  • Foundation for Research Science and Technology

In addition to research and policy development projects referred to on this website, other undertakings of note include:

Development of Proposed Policy to Manage Fuel Economy of NZ Vehicle Fleet (2007) for Ministry of Transport.

Part of core team preparing proposed policy to improve the fuel economy of vehicles entering the NZ fleet. Responsibilities included development of policy itself; preparing draft Cabinet papers; preparing supporting material (appendices, etc) on international experience with fuel economy standards; input into discussion document, liaison with key stakeholders, etc.

Sustainable Active Transport: Evidence review (2006) for Health Sponsorship Council.

This evidence review involved collating material (published and unpublished sources internationally) from the public health and transport sectors where there was some concrete evidence of increased walking and cycling for transport purposes following an identifiable social marketing intervention (as opposed to infrastructure provision or regulatory change).

Walking and Cycling Monitoring Framework (2008) for Ministry of Transport

The key output of this project for MOT was a monitoring framework for walking and cycling appropriate to the scale of the local authorities who are responsible for its implementation, as well as to promote consistency in the collection and quality of data across New Zealand. We developed a user-friendly cost-effective monitoring framework. The framework took into account the monitoring requirements of various sectors, including transport, health, energy, physical activity/recreation.

State highway reviews (1996 and 2001/02)

The State Highway Review is the 5-yearly review process Transit New Zealand (now NZ Transport Agency) used to decide the make-up of New Zealand's state highway network.

With other Transit staff, Carolyn was the joint-manager of State Highway Review team in 1996 and in 2001-02 advising the Transit New Zealand Authority on which roads should be funded as part of the national state highway network. As part of this process, Carolyn's responsibilities included:

  • developing/revising the state highway criteria in consultation with key stakeholders
  • developing the terms of reference and evaluation methodology, application information and material explaining the purpose of the review to the wider public
  • analysing and reported on public submissions
  • assisting with Transit Authority's decision-making process, which included preparation of papers for the Authority.

Transport Sector Review - Developing a Framework (2002) for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority's transport-sector work programme.

The overall purpose of the project was to 'undertake a review of best practice in energy efficiency, energy conservation and use of renewable in the transport sector and to identify those programmes that would be most appropriate for EECA to adopt'. The project included a review of international best practice for energy efficiency in the transport sector, developing a ranking methodology to identify the most appropriate practices for New Zealand and identifying the most appropriate roles for EECA in the transport sector. The project required wide consultation with the transport sector and careful management of the EECA project team.

Work on Noise Impacts of Land Transport (2000) for Ministry of Transport, 2000.

Investigated the noise effects of land transport using an impacts-based approach to identify a framework for the possible future analysis of cost-effective policy options. Included extensive international literature and internet search on health and environmental effects for land transport noise and evaluation of research findings.

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