NZ travel behaviour change evaluation procedures; technical report; and guidance handbook

In 2004, Pinnacle Research & Policy Ltd worked with Maunsell Australia and Booz Allen Hamilton on a major project for LTSA to develop procedures and guidelines for, (funding) evaluation and monitoring/impact assessment of a wide range of 'travel behaviour changes'. Assignment involved an extensive review of international practice and experience within the development and assessment of such projects, followed by its application to develop a common set of procedures and guidelines for use throughout NZ. Pinnacle Research & Policy Ltd assisted with the development of the evaluation framework and evaluation procedures and prepared the guidance handbook.

Issues covered in the guidance handbook include:

  • Commentary about the evaluation procedures including explanation of the methodology, derivation of benefit values and diversion rates (impacts of TBhC projects), and discussion of areas of uncertainty where further development may be required
  • Monitoring issues that are only applicable to LTSA including short term and longer term requirements
  • Discussion of other issues that are outside project scope but relevant for LTSA to consider such as overlap with other LTSA policies.

Literature review report. This report describes the review of New Zealand and international literature that was conducted to investigate the "state of the art" in TBhC project development, evaluation, and monitoring. The report discusses the key issues, themes and findings from detailed assessments of the most useful and relevant documents identified in the review.

Funding manuals, Evaluation Procedures and Guidance Handbook are available at (see section headed Travel behaviour change procedures and guidelines)