Development of Regional Transport Targets

This project was to develop and assess the regional/local contributions to the targets incorporated in the updated NZ Transport Strategy and Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Land Transport Funding (national) targets and to advise on the most cost-effective mix of policy measures to achieve these targets in each region. A major aspect of the project was to assess the potential contribution of an enhanced and expanded public transport system towards meeting national transport sector GHG targets; and define the policy measures directed at what market segments are most effective in maximising this contribution.

As a core team member (with Ian Wallis Associates) Pinnacle Research & Policy Ltd undertook extensive analysis of existing data, particularly the New Zealand Household Travel Surveys, to derive the base case (‘where are we now?’ within each region) and developed future trends and directions; analysed national and regional policy statements and transport programmes to identify their potential impact on trends; organised and delivered presentations in workshops, and derived an assessment framework and rationale for disaggregating two of the targets across the regions.


Wallis, I, O’Fallon, C. and Wignall, D. (2009) Regional transport targets for sustainable transportation in New Zealand. NZ Transport Agency Research Report 385 (pdf)