NZ Household Travel Survey analysis

The New Zealand Household Travel Survey (NZHTS) collects information regarding day-to-day travel in New Zealand, including modes used, where people go, when, household vehicle ownership, and other basic demographic factors. The first two NZHTS surveys were discrete surveys, conducted in 1989/90 and 1997/98. In 2003, the NZHTS was established as a continuous survey. With the continuous survey, people in over 2200 households in 280 meshblocks throughout New Zealand are invited to participate in the survey each year. Every member normally resident in a household is then visited and interviewed about all of their travel for two consecutive days specified by the interviewer. A 'complete' dataset representing all of New Zealand is compiled every four years. Further detailed information about the continuous survey can be obtained from the Ministry of Transport website.

Pinnacle Research & Policy Ltd, together with Capital Research, are recognised as experts in the manipulation and analysis of the NZHTS. Together we have completed several projects using NZHTS datasets, including:

In addition, we have incorporated NZHTS analysis into other workstreams, such as the Regional Transport Target project.